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Olfeo launches its SaaS offering

Cyber news
April 4, 2023

For 20 years, Olfeo has been making Internet browsing synonymous with trust, thanks to its unique on-premise filtering proxy solution. More than 500,000 users in 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses and government agencies entrust Olfeo with the security of their online escapades. And rightly so, since unlike other solutions on the market, Olfeo recognizes over 99% of content and offers the highest level of security. The secret? Trust-Centric technology: allowing trusted URLs, rather than trying to block malicious ones. Olfeo thus offers a sovereign Web security solution that is both human and technological - in a word, positive! Today, by offering a SaaS version, Olfeo is supporting its customers' new expectations and uses.

Restoring confidence in Web browsing

3 key 2022 figures to know about cybersecurity in France.

 43,000 high-impact attacks resulted in relatively serious data loss or business suspension1.

 The average cost of this type of attack: 3.9 million euros2.

 13 million malicious URLs are created every month3.

1: Checkpoint study - January 2023

2: IBM 2022 study

3: Akamai study - September 2022

With the widespread use of the HTTPS protocol for Internet sites, many attacks are now "hiding" in encrypted web flows, making them more difficult to detect... With its growing volume, the web has become the main vector for attacks. But should we really be trying to identify them all? Olfeo's answer is: "No".

To prevent users from downloading malware while surfing the Internet, which could have a serious impact on their company's business, Olfeo has gone against the grain. Industry players exhaust themselves updating lists of prohibited URLs (or Block Lists), but the exponential growth in their number is making this approach obsolete (13 million malicious URLs created per month). The cybersecurity expert preferred to build a filtering proxy based on a White List: Trust-Centric technology. This decision has enabled it to be chosen by industrial and governmental organizations, for whom Internet content filtering must be beyond reproach, in order to avert any risk of cyber threat. In their case, only the white list is capable of providing the high level of security expected. Not for nothing is it recommended by ANSSI.

Authorize rather than prohibit: the Olfeo method

Thanks to an exhaustive browsing history, analyzed over the years and based on the experience of over 500,000 users, Olfeo has a perfect understanding of European surfing habits. Our teams are also fully conversant with national Internet access regulations, and to date have verified more than 20 million domains, corresponding to several hundred million URLs!

At no time can an employee whose IS is protected by Olfeo access a site not listed in the database, even by mistakenly clicking on a phishing link in an email, the channel through which 94% of malware is delivered (source: Data Breach Investigations Report). No need to ask any more questions: if Olfeo authorizes me to browse this site, it's because it presents no direct risk.

Thanks to the completeness of the certified URL database, over 99% of connections requested by users are successful. When an employee wishes to visit a site not listed by Olfeo, he or she is blocked by default. It is then automatically sent to the editor. An initial AI check analyzes the semantics of the content. This is then validated by a human operator, to avoid false positives. If the site is deemed reliable, it immediately joins the whitelist and the user can visit it.

Meeting new market expectations with SaaS

Until now, Olfeo has developed its solution exclusively on-premise, i.e. by deploying it directly on the information systems of its customers, mainly large SMEs, ETIs and government bodies. While some of our customers continue to control their entire IS value chain, others are now looking to simplify their cybersecurity management, and are opting for SaaS solutions. Olfeo understands this need. So, after a year of testing with selected customers, the company announces the launch of the SaaS version of its web security gateway. The aim is twofold: to make itself more widely accessible, and to reconcile its innovative proposition with new market needs.


SaaS security: simplicity and expertise

While the level of security is identical to that of the initial solution, SaaS mode enables greater mobility. Wherever they are - at home, in the office, in a coworking space - employees who connect to their company's network from a PC equipped with the Olfeo SaaS solution are automatically protected. The other advantage of SaaS mode is its simplicity and speed of operation: the solution is up and running in just 1 hour, while all facilities management and maintenance are handled by Olfeo.

The more accessible SaaS mode should appeal to players who are looking above all for efficiency, reliability and speed. By adopting Olfeo SaaS, these companies will also be choosing a sovereign offering, created and hosted in France and therefore not subject to the Cloud Act. What's more, Olfeo guarantees the confidentiality of data transiting its Cloud.

Compatible with RGPD regulations, this solution also guarantees compliance with the French legal framework, which reminds companies of their obligation to protect their employees from exposure to reprehensible sites (child pornography, apology for violence, racism or terrorism, in particular). It also guarantees compliance with the company's internal web browsing policy.

This virtuous combination - technology, compliance and sovereignty - guarantees future Olfeo SaaS users a safe and serene Web browsing experience, with complete confidence!