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Every month, you'll find here our first podcast series: CyberCo, the podcasts by Olfeo dedicated to cybersecurity and data privacy issues.
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Episode 3:

Dive into the complex but essential world of XDRs in cybersecurity with our new episode of CyberCo. Online threats are constantly evolving, and we're here to help you understand how XDRs can strengthen your company's security.
Join us for an in-depth discussion with François Deruty, Chief Intelligence Officer of Sekoia.iowhere we explore the ins and outs of this crucial technology.
XDRs: for whom, what prerequisites, what differences vs. an EDR or SIEM...? Find out all about XDRs from the French leader in XDRs.

Episode 2:

Find out how Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has become the essential shield for IT security. Our podcast, in collaboration with HarfangLab, explores EDRs in depth, from how they work to their benefits, and their vital role in protecting your IS infrastructure and online business. Join our guest, Pierre-Yves Amiot, Harfanglab's CSM and Pre-Sales Director, to learn all about EDRs.

Episode 1:

After "Safe Harbor" and "Privacy Shield", the EU and the USA have validated a 3rd iteration of the mechanism for transferring personal data between these two regions. With Richard Montbeyre, Internet lawyer and DPO, we look back at the origins and history of this agreement and its previous versions, while discussing the legal and business impact on the use of US SaaS applications.