Olfeo On-Premise DNS Filtering

Web security for unmanaged terminals and the IoT

Why DNS filtering?
Digital transformation is changing our working environments and tools at an incredible speed!
  • Increased mobility and uncontrolled workstations connecting to the network

  • Increase in the number of business applications used, which update themselves autonomously

  • Rapid increase in the number of objects connected to the network (peripherals, various sensors, IoT, etc.), etc.


Olfeo secures your unmanaged terminals with DNS filtering

Olfeo DNS Filtering can be implemented very simply, without any action on the equipment, either directly as a DNS server or as a DNS parent. Its rapid deployment on the server side alone is a real asset.

It requires very low bandwidth between the server and the hardware to be protected.

It offers the filtering function while benefiting from the exceptional quality of the Olfeo database and thus enables you to effectively combat security and legal risks... ;


Use cases

DNS filtering blocks any risk in real time


These people put their trust in us

  • "We absolutely wanted a solution that was remote from the firewall. We chose Olfeo because we wanted a dedicated proxy solution whose core business was filtering. In UTMs, filtering is an option. [...] " 

  • "Olfeo was able to provide a response that went beyond the needs initially expressed".

  • "Olfeo is a legitimate European filtering solution, not just a French one. Olfeo has all the legitimacy as a filtering solution at the European level and not just in France. [ ...]Olfeo is very practical when we're wondering what's going on on the Internet, as the reporting section enables us to precisely analyze all traffic, particularly in terms of abnormal usage."

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Olfeo On-Premise brochure
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