Olfeo AWARENESS Campus

The e-learning & cybersecurity awareness solution


Raise your employees' awareness of cybersecurity

Make your employees pillars of your cyber-defense strategy by training them to avoid the pitfalls of web browsing.

In our hyper-connected world, cybercriminals are on the lookout for the slightest loophole, and bad habits or risky practices expose organizations to significant risks of data leakage. Phishing, ransomware, malware, identity theft, president scams... These cyberattacks frequently succeed because a user was insufficiently suspicious and allowed himself to be manipulated by clicking on a link leading to malicious content. In France, almost half of all companies were victims of a cyber attack in 2022. Today, these compromises affect all types of company, in both the public and private sectors, whatever their size or activity.

Through its Olfeo Awareness e-learning platform, Olfeo offers a catalog of rich, interactive and entertaining content covering all the cyber risks impacting employees (and not just phishing), with the aim of instilling new, sustainable behaviors and positioning employees at the heart of a company's cyber strategy.



A complete e-learning and training solution for cybersecurity issues

Comprehensive contents
Employee commitment
Ease of administration
Customized courses
Comprehensive contents
  • Olfeo Awareness has an extensive catalog of over 110 training modules and videos.
  • A catalog of fun, educational content tailored to today's cybersecurity challenges.
  • Additional content to address related themes: RGPD, anti-corruption, anti-harassment
  • A variety of formats, from interactive videos and MCQs to chatbots and interactive books.
  • Accessible on all media and suitable for mobile consultation
Employee commitment
  • The training catalog is made up of short videos and sketches, so you can consult the content at your own pace, without spending too much time on it.
  • Interactive quizzes and videos make for a fun, participative experience, to check that employees are involved and have acquired the skills they need.
  • The courses can be customized and adapted to employees' profiles and professions, to cover the subjects and risks linked to their activity.
  • The diversity of consultation formats keeps things dynamic, encouraging attention, involvement and commitment.
Ease of administration
  • Create and send campaigns via the tracking dashboard
  • Campaigns are ready to use in 5 minutes
  • Detailed statistics cover success rates, progress over time, courses not started...
  • The administrator can individually follow-up on collaborators and monitor progress.
Customized courses
  • More than 70 contents are available to create à la carte itineraries
  • Pre-configured pathways are available off-the-shelf (newcomer pathways, expert pathways, etc.).
  • Content adapted to French and European themes, laws and culture
  • Issuing individual diplomas to reward progress and goals achieved.

A more secure organization and committed employees

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