Classify URLs and domains with precision and accuracy

For software publishers

Classifying large volumes of URLs is a complex challenge

  • Variety and ambiguity of the content

    Websites can cover a wide range of topics, often with content that overlaps between different categories. Finding a way to categorize these URLs so that the categories are both accurate and useful to the end user can be challenging.

  • Rapid evolution of the Internet

    Websites are constantly evolving, with new content added, sites disappearing, and changes in the relevance of topics. Therefore, maintaining a URL database up to date and accurately categorized is a demanding task.

  • Massive volumes of data

    With billions of active websites, the sheer volume of data to be processed can be overwhelming. This requires automated solutions, such as machine learning, to be trained, tested and constantly refined.

  • User experience

    It is paramount for classification systems to be designed with the end-user in mind, which means they must be intuitive, easy to navigate, and relevant to users' search needs.


Olfeo OEM offers the most reliable URL database on the market

Olfeo provides its URL database and domains as a white-label product to software publishers wishing to enhance the functionalities of their product.
Due to its reliability, the finesse of its categorization and its exhaustive coverage of 99%+ of queries, Olfeo OEM brings greater precision, context and value to the data collected by its customers.

The best URL database for your software solution
  • + 100

    Categories divided into 9 themes

  • 25 million

    classified domains, corresponding to hundreds of millions of URLs

  • 99%

    recognition rate of website queries


Our strengths

The most reliable classification on the market thanks to our database of categorized domains and URLs

Exhaustivity of the database
Reliable categorization
Easy integration
Continuous database updates
Exhaustivity of the database

With the ability to filter hundreds of millions of URLs, Olfeo's URL database is capable of efficiently covering users' browsing profiles. With a unique recognition rate of over 99%, the vast majority of consulted sites are recognized and correctly categorized thanks to our approach combining automatic AI-based pre-classification and validation by a human operator.

This unique approach effectively enriches the services provided by your software solutions.

Reliable categorization

All categorized content in our URL database is subjected to a double analysis: automatic and human. The systematic manual analysis of each categorized content, carried out by an Olfeo human expert, is a guarantee of quality. Our classification reliability rate is over 99%.

Systematic human verification of each piece of content is facilitated by the use of high-quality pre-ranking AI-based tools. The powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze web pages, interacting with our keyword databases enriched by our linguists, deliver extremely high-quality pre-ranking results.

However, to achieve unrivalled classification finesse, only human intervention, supported by a proven methodology shared by the team, can achieve a navigation recognition rate of over 99% and a false positive rate close to 0.

Easy integration

Olfeo database integration requires no third-party software installation. You maintain control over data exchanged with your customers. You are completely autonomous in the use of our Olfeo databases, and their integration is extremely simple.

The 2.5 GB database can be easily integrated into any physical or virtual appliance. In the form of an LMDB file, the database is securely updated on a weekly basis to ensure that data remains up to date.

Continuous database updates

A continuous process is in place to ensure the quality of the data in the database:

1. The database is continually enriched through feedback from users of OLFEO products, through research for new domains covering targeted themes, and through monitoring and exploiting lists of domains available in open source.

2. The integration of a new artificial intelligence algorithm into our automatic pre-processing chain, in collaboration with the DGA (Direction Générale de L'Armement), offers us continuous improvement and enhanced accuracy in this initial domain classification stage.

3. Human analysis by our teams of experts confirms the automatic analysis, or corrects it if necessary.

4. Finally, continuous improvement enables us to monitor possible changes in content and update categories. New categories are also created to adapt to changes in Internet usage. For example, the Generative AI category was recently deployed in response to a request from our customers, who needed to track the usage of services linked to generative AI (ChatGPT etc.) services.

Use cases

Olfeo OEM covers a wide range of use cases

The quality of our database is recognized by software publishers
They trust us
  • Evistel, a leading provider of solutions for Operators, has integrated Olfeo's URL database to offer a parental control service to Telecom Operators. The choice of the Olfeo database was an obvious one for us, in view of its reliability and the number of sensitive sites it contains, and represents an essential asset in protecting young audiences from unsolicited content.

  • Ekinops leverages Olfeo technologies to differentiate its networking and SD-Wan solutions with advanced web security functions. Our solutions combined together uniquely identify and control applications over Internet.

  • We work closely with Olfeo to incorporate their SaaS application database in our Ipanema SD-WAN product. By using the Olfeo database we enable Ipanema SD-WAN to deliver best in class application intelligence in the SD-WAN