Olfeo, the security gateway for healthcare facilities

Wave of cyber attacks against hospitals, healthcare establishments can rely on Olfeo to cope with growing Internet threats

Healthcare establishments are among the most attacked organizations

The healthcare sector is particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks. The repercussions for victim establishments are dramatic, and go beyond a simple interruption of service. Vital human issues are also at stake.

Internet access requirements in healthcare establishments are very different, due to the multitude of user profiles, which increases the risks. Medical staff, administrative staff and patients all share the network, which is why it's essential to put in place robust protection barriers. With Olfeo, the French leader in Web security, you can be sure of defending yourself effectively against cyber-attacks.

Healthcare establishments have specific needs in terms of web security, and Olfeo is the specialized solution to meet your challenges.


More than 150 healthcare establishments use Olfeo


Patient protection

The patients
Administrative staff
Protection against attacks
Medical informatics
Healthcare personnel
The patients

Through the shared medical record (DMP)

  • Securing the confidentiality of sensitive data and limiting access to the web and drive to avoid the risk of theft or leaks (digital patient files, etc.).
  • By contributing to the traceability of the secure patient pathway.
Administrative staff

At home or teleworking

  • Olfeo's on-premise or Saas nomad solution offers the same level of security to staff working from home or on site.
Protection against attacks

CHU, CH, Cliniques, Ephad, GHT...

  • Blocking ransomware attacks with Trust-Centric technology
  • Call on the expertise of a web security specialist, as 90% of successful attacks use this vector.
  • Involving employees through cyber e-learning and awareness-raising to better repel social engineering attacks
Medical informatics

In the use of connected IOT-type equipment: MRI, scanner, radiogram, etc.

  • By avoiding the security risks associated with the use of innovative, high-performance tools connected to the Internet
Healthcare personnel

Within healthcare facilities

  • By guaranteeing a high level of service quality to meet the needs of users (doctors, nurses, etc.).
  • By applying relevant filtering on medical content to avoid false positives and overblocking linked to sensitive lexical fields: addictology, drugs, psychology, etc.
  • By offering extended service availability

Olfeo benefits

  • Enhanced user experience

    Provides users with a simple, seamless experience when connecting to the Internet from any device or location.

  • Highest level of protection

    Filtering of high-risk domains with blocking of malware and other web attack vectors.

  • Awareness-raising and training

    Your employees are made aware of cyber risks and trained in cybersecurity.

  • Legal protection

    Ensure your compliance with current legislation and the RGPD. 100% sovereign solution with guaranteed hosting in France.