Olfeo On-Premise Secure Web Gateway

The web security gateway at the heart of your IT infrastructure


Secure your web flows with Olfeo Secure Web Gateway

Olfeo On-Premise provides the highest level of Trust-Centric web security, with the flexibility of custom installation and configuration at the heart of your IT infrastructure.

Olfeo Secure Web Gateway is a suite of cybersecurity features for analyzing, filtering and securing your web flows. Combining proxy filtering, flow antivirus and DNS filtering, Olfeo Secure Web Gateway offers the same level of security to your on-site employees as to those on the move or working from home.

Deploying the solution within your IS infrastructure gives you full control over your data, and allows you to customize your filtering options.


A suite of functions to secure your web flows

Proxy filtering
Antivirus feed
SSL/TLS decryption
Remote agent
Raising employee awareness
Proxy filtering
  • Advanced web traffic filtering thanks to the quality of the Olfeo database
  • Based on 9 themes and 100 categories for fine-tuned filtering according to employee profile
  • Granular filtering policy based on time slots, volume quotas, override capability.
  • Dashboard reporting and analysis to understand web usage and identify risks and attacks
  • Trust-Centric technology to block content and domains unknown to Olfeo and ensure the highest level of web security.
  • Employee authentication via Active Directory or ADFS
Antivirus feed
  • Flow antivirus completes the filtering solution by analyzing all web traffic to detect and block malicious content.
  • Uses detection methods and signature databases to detect malware, cryptolockers, worms etc. that may be lurking in web traffic
  • Applies heuristic scans to detect malware still unknown to antivirus databases
  • In-depth analysis of Office macros and documents
  • Fine-tuning of files to be analyzed, with origin, MIME type, size...
  • Dashboard to view detected threats: virus names, infected workstations...
SSL/TLS decryption
  • HTTPS traffic decryption for easy analysis and filtering
  • Allows finer filtering of domains (blogs, etc.)
  • Decryption is carried out in strict compliance with the legal framework
  • Blocking based on certificate error types.
Remote agent
  • Offer the same level of web protection to your employees on the move or working from home, without the need to install a cumbersome VPN.
  • Enables the same filtering and security policies to be applied outside corporate offices
  • Intelligent agent integrated into the operating system, with transparent operation for the user
  • Mobile user management interface with statistics and log management
  • Detection of captive portals to secure use of public wifi networks
Raising employee awareness
  • Possibility of displaying the company's Internet charter directly in employees' browsers and managing signatures
  • Displays contextual awareness pages based on the websites requested by employees to remind them of the risks or the legal framework governing visits to certain pages.
  • Various options for managing access to requested web pages: override blocking or total blocking

The highest level of web security with the flexibility of an on-premise solution


These people put their trust in us

  • "We absolutely wanted a solution that was remote from the firewall. We chose Olfeo because we wanted a dedicated proxy solution whose core business was filtering. In UTMs, filtering is an option. [...] " 

  • "Olfeo was able to provide a response that went beyond the needs initially expressed".

  • "Olfeo is a legitimate European filtering solution, not just a French one. Olfeo has all the legitimacy as a filtering solution at the European level and not just in France. [ ...]Olfeo is very practical when we're wondering what's going on on the Internet, as the reporting section enables us to precisely analyze all traffic, particularly in terms of abnormal usage."

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Olfeo On-Premise brochure
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