Published January 3, 2024Modified on January 4, 2024

An update is available on my Olfeo device. How do I proceed? What precautions should I take?


When a new Olfeo update is available, here are a few points to check in order to carry out this operation with peace of mind.


First of all, please read the release notes for this update, available on the documentation page of our Olfeo v6 website (see release notes).

The update must be installed quickly in the following cases:

  • Correction of a security flaw.
  • Publication of a patch concerning you.
  • New feature for you.

There is no urgency to update the device in the following cases:

  • There are no malfunctions on the installed version, and the proposed update is only a minor version, which does not concern you.
  • New features in this version that don't apply to you.

Precaution / Good practice :

Make a backup of your configurations. If you're on a virtualized device, we suggest you take a snapshot of the VM.

Update if no alerts are received:

The v6 procedure.

Frequently asked questions :

How long will the update take?

It all depends on your Internet speed. On average, a version is around 150 MB.

Is a service interruption necessary?

All Olfeo services are stopped during an update, so please allow several minutes for service interruption.

Do all members of an Olfeo domain update at the same time?

Each member of the Olfeo domain must be updated individually.

Which machine should I update first in an Olfeo domain?

Always start by updating the master machine in the Olfeo domain, and then update the slaves.

How to avoid service interruptions?

This requires the use of high availability mechanisms (cluster or proxy.pac). As each member of the Olfeo domain is capable of substituting for another, all you have to do is ensure that the node used by users is not the one currently being updated (e.g. vIP switchover or HA behavior of the .pac proxy).

How can I track the progress of the update?

The best method is to use the command line:

#> tail -f /opt/olfeo/data/log/software_update/software_update.log

If the update does not start, please contact your Technical Support representative.


Items to check after updating :

  • Services are correctly started.
  • Filtering is functional (AV, URL, Proxy, etc.).

If a feature doesn't seem to be working, check that this isn't due to a change in the settings mode, using the online documentation.