KB 11: Creating an mst transformation file with Advanced Installer

Published December 19, 2023Modified on April 25, 2024


In this article, you'll find the detailed procedure for creating an MSI transformation file, so that you can add properties when installing the MSI via GPO.


When deploying the Olfeo SaaS workstation agent via GPO, you'll need to set certain properties (in this case, the configuration URL) that the installer will need. Using a transformation file is a good way to do this.


  • You must have installed the Advanced Installer
  • Please note that we suggest the use of Avanced Installer, but you are free to use the software of your choice by adjusting the procedure below to your software.
  • You must also have the Olfeo SaaS Station Agent installer, downloadable from the Olfeo SaaS configuration interface in Configuration > Directories, and the configuration URL you are going to use.


The procedure below only applies to workstations running Windows 10 or higher.



The screenshots below were taken with Advanced Installer v20.8, so there may be some differences (interface in particular) depending on the version you're using. However, the overall principle remains the same.

  1. Open Advanced Installer then go to the New → IT Pros tab then click on MST → Response Transform :
  1. In the window that has just opened, select the previously downloaded Station Agent installer file (.msi), then specify a path to save the mst file:
  1. Click Next to open the Station Agent installation wizard.
  2. Follow the wizard and enter the URL of the Agent configuration.
  1. You now have an mst file that you can use to deploy the Agent by GPO on your park.

Tags: Deployment, UC-11, Agent, GPO