KB #02: Deploying the Station Agent via GPO

Published December 15, 2023Modified on March 28, 2024

In this article, you'll find the detailed procedure for deploying the Agent by GPO.


Deploying the Olfeo SaaS Agent on your organization's workstations and servers is simplified by using GPOs.


You need to pre-parameterize the Olfeo SaaS Agent installer or have a script of your choice so that it can be deployed and installed with a predefined configuration.


The procedure below only applies to workstations running Windows 10 or higher.


  1. Create a share folder with :
    • Authorization to share: "Everyone" in Total Control ;
    • NTFS rights on the share folder: "Domain computers" read-only ;
    • Share accessible via this path: \\SRV-ADDS-01\Applications$.
  2. Place the original .msi Station Agent file in the share folder.
  3. Open the Group Policy Management console.
  4. Create a new GPO: name it (e.g. "deploy-agent-trustlane").
  5. Modify the new GPO and navigate to the following location:
  • Computer configuration (or User configuration) > Policies > Software settings > Software installation.
  1. Right-click on "Software installation" and create a New Package.
  2. Enter the path to the original .msi Station Agent file in the share folder.
  3. Select "advanced" mode.
  4. In the Deployment :
    • select Assigned mode ;
    • check the "Install this application at logon" box;
    • check "Basic" in Installation user interface options.

  1. In the Modifications tab: add the .mst file created earlier:

  1. Click on OK :

  1. Link the GPO to an Organizational Unit concerned by the deployment.


In some cases, the Agent systray may not start following installation in this deployment mode (desktop use and user rights for the "WAPT" user, where the systray requires admin space). To avoid these side effects, plan to restart the workstation following Agent installation.

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