Published November 9, 2023

List of information sent by Olfeo to Olfeo servers, and how to activate or deactivate them.

In order to continually improve the service provided to our customers, as well as the quality of our URL database, the solution may send information back to Olfeo servers.

Olfeo is very sensitive to the protection of its customers' information, so the administrator can set the type of information sent. This option is activated from the Settings > Update > Database > Olfeo - Url Base screen.

If the box authorizing information to be sent to Olfeo is not checked, the only information sent to us is :

  • Version of Olfeo product used
  • The number of active user_IDs over a rolling 30-day period
  • The number of UOs/groups/users entered in the interface.

If the box is checked, the following additional information is returned: a file containing the list of domains requested but not recognized by the URL database, together with the number of hits per domain. For each domain, 5 URLs are provided as examples. These domains and URLs are anonymized, i.e. they are not associated or associable with any element of identification: user, IP address, etc.

So there's no information on the browsing itself, but technical elements that enable us to better understand our fleet and size our servers.

What's more, all our servers are based in France. As such, our customers benefit from all French data protection laws, which are very secure.

Olfeo has been awarded the France Cybersecurity label, an additional mark of confidence.