KB N°2567: Definition of the "CDN and Non-Definable" category

Published on November 26, 2023Modified on November 27, 2023

Definition and use of the "CDN and Non-Definable" category.

The CDN and Undefinable category includes all Content Delivery Network(CDN) servers that make content or data (usually large multimedia content) available to users without the data being directly accessible. The main purpose of CDNs is to reduce costs and access times. The CDN acts as a proxy to improve resource availability (performance but also better resistance to breakdowns).

There are several types of CDN:

  • caching CDNs for downloading, including those supporting dynamic website content
  • media streaming CDNs, including those supporting live audiovisual streams.

Key players in the CDN field

  • Akamai Technologies
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • AT&T
  • CloudFlare
  • Level 3 Communications
  • OVH
  • CDNetworks
  • EdgeCast Networks
  • MetaCDN

CDN filtering recommendations

The servers registered in the Olfeo database are all servers that store static content. Nothing hosted on these servers can be accessed directly. There is therefore no risk in authorizing the IPs of these servers.

We propose to leave the CDN and Undefinable categories unrestricted: this will allow optimal display of all Internet browsing, with server content remaining inaccessible to the user.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: classification@olfeo.com.