KB N°01: Setting up the Agent with Orca / SuperOrca

Published December 15, 2023Modified on March 28, 2024

In this article, you will find the detailed procedure for setting up the Olfeo SaaS workstation agent .msi file using Orca or SuperOrca software.


When deploying the Olfeo SaaS workstation agent via GPO, you must set certain properties:

  • Add the URL of the workstation agent to configure the routing of requests to the Olfeo SaaS proxy;


  • You need to install the SuperOrca or Orca software from the Windows SDK;
  • You need to retrieve the workstation agent (.msi version) from the Configuration > Directories menu on your Olfeo SaaS interface.


The procedure below only applies to workstations running Windows 10 or higher.


The procedures are similar for Orca and SuperOrca. However, the screenshots of the procedure below are taken from the SuperOrca software.

You can now deploy the Olfeo SaaS Station Agent on your computer (see How to deploy the Station Agent by GPO).

  1. Open the Agent.msi file:

  1. Go to the Property tab:

  1. Add a row: right-click on the tab > Add Row... :

  1. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Property: CONFIG_URL
    2. Value: Agent URL (to be copied from the Agent tab of your Olfeo SaaS directory)


In some cases, the Agent systray may not start following installation in this deployment mode (desktop use and user rights via the "GPO" user, where the systray requires admin space). To avoid these side effects, plan to restart the workstation following Agent installation.

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