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The Evolution and Success of Adaptiv Networks: Securing IT Connectivity with Olfeo

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Le 13 juin 2024

The Evolution and Success of Adaptiv Networks : Simplifying IT Connectivity

Adaptiv Networks, founded in late 2018, has quickly emerged as a significant player in the SD-WAN technology sector. By merging three companies into one unified entity, Adaptiv Networks aimed to address a crucial need in the market: simplifying the IT challenge of ensuring reliable connectivity to essential business applications. This approach aligns with the broader goal of facilitating digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

A Focus on Simplicity and Effectiveness

The primary differentiator for Adaptiv Networks is its unwavering focus on simplicity. The company’s SD-WAN solutions are designed to be easy to use, purchase, and operate, without sacrificing performance or outcomes. This commitment to simplicity allows end customers to fully leverage the advantages of SD-WAN technology, which is critical for their digital transformation journeys.

Adaptiv Networks’ mission is to make complex IT connectivity straightforward and accessible. The company’s solutions provide seamless connectivity to applications required for modern business operations. This focus on user-friendly solutions ensures that businesses can adopt and benefit from advanced connectivity technologies without the typical complexities and challenges.

Technological Partnerships and Global Reach

Since its inception, Adaptiv Networks has formed strategic partnerships with various technology providers to enhance its product offerings. One notable partnership is with Olfeo, whose SaaS application database has been integrated into Adaptiv Networks’ SD-WAN solutions. This collaboration has significantly contributed to the company’s ability to deliver high-quality, relevant, and updated connectivity solutions.

Adaptiv Networks serves customers in about 60 countries, demonstrating its global reach and the widespread applicability of its solutions. Over the past five years, the company has invested in developing a new generation of SD-WAN products, released late last year. This new product generation embodies the company’s principles of simplicity and effectiveness, setting a new standard in the market.

Leveraging Olfeo’s SaaS Application Database

Adaptiv Networks chose Olfeo’s SaaS application database for its unique focus on business applications and logical structure tailored for business users. Unlike many other products that offer general URL and DNS classification, Olfeo’s database is specifically designed to address the needs of business applications. This focus ensures that Adaptiv Networks’ SD-WAN solutions are both compact and cost-effective, while also being highly relevant to the market.

The transition to using Olfeo’s SaaS application database marked a significant improvement from the previous use of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technologies. By adopting first-packet inspection, Adaptiv Networks can detect applications on the first packet, allowing for real-time packet routing without breaking flows. This capability is critical for maintaining seamless connectivity and performance.

Enhancing Security with Olfeo’s URL Database

In addition to the SaaS application database, Adaptiv Networks has integrated Olfeo’s URL database into its latest product offering, Cloud Protect. This new generation product was designed with a strong emphasis on security, including features such as DDoS protection, encryption, and IP obfuscation. The URL database extends these capabilities by providing URL filtering and secure web gateway functionalities.

The URL database from Olfeo is instrumental in filtering unwanted traffic, such as malware, there by enhancing the security of Adaptiv Networks’ solutions. The logical classification and continuous updates provided by Olfeo ensure that the database remains relevant and effective in protecting against security threats.

A Strong and Collaborative Partnership

The relationship between Adaptiv Networks and Olfeo has been characterized by ease of collaboration and mutual benefit. Olfeo’s products are robust and well-supported, offering excellent account management and customer service. This strong partnership has allowed Adaptiv Networks to consistently deliver high-quality solutions to its customers.

When evaluating options for URL databases, Adaptiv Networks considered several alternatives, including free databases. However, the managed solution provided by Olfeo stood out due to its superior management and classification capabilities. Free options often lack the necessary updates and accuracy, which are crucial for commercial products. The ability to easily update and manage the database through Olfeo ensures that Adaptiv Networks can maintain the high standards required for its solutions.

Looking Forward

Adaptiv Networks continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, driven by its commitment to simplicity and effectiveness. The company’s strategic partnerships and focus on user-friendly solutions position it well for future growth and success. As businesses worldwide continue to navigate digital transformation, Adaptiv Networks stands ready to provide the reliable, high-performance connectivity solutions they need to thrive.

In summary, Adaptiv Networks exemplifies how a focused approach to simplicity and strategic partnerships can drive success in the competitive field of SD-WAN technology. By leveraging Olfeo’s advanced databases and maintaining a customer-centric approach, Adaptiv Networks is poised to lead the market in providing seamless and secure connectivity solutions.