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"Unknown" users appear in livelog statistics

Versions: V.5.x V6.x
Publié le mardi 21 octobre 2014
Modifié le jeudi 28 décembre 2017

Users are not recognised in livelog statistics, or appear as "unknown" users after login.


Users are not recognised in livelog statistics, or appear as "unknown" users after login.


The following is a list of issues that may affect user authentication:

  1. User directory
  2. Authentication mode under Parameters > HTTP proxy > Authentication or Proxy Cache QoS > HTTP > Authentication
  3. Method used for proxy application on client workstations
  4. Third-party Olfeo hardware not returning user information.

The user directory is not correctly synchronised

  • Make sure that the user has been synchronised correctly in the directory. To do this, go to Rules > Users > Directories.

  • Try to resynchronise the directory by going to Parameters > Authentication > Your desired directory > Synchronise available groups, and then selecting Synchronise users.

Authentication mode

Verify whether an authentication mode has been implemented by going to Parameters > HTTP proxy > Authentication or Proxy Cache QoS > HTTP > Authentication (e.g.: NTLM, Kerberos, Basic).

If needed, implement an authentication mode so that users are recognised.

Method used to deploy the proxy on client workstations

  • Make sure that the client workstation is using the proxy, either via a proxy.pac, or an explicit or transparent proxy.
  • Verify that your GPO is applying the various proxy configurations required in Internet Explorer.

Third-party hardware is not sending user information to the Olfeo server

  • Check that your third-party hardware is configured to send user information.
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