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How To Connect a Support Tunnel (Administration Interface and SSH)

Versions: V.5.x V6.x
Publié le mercredi 8 octobre 2014
Modifié le mercredi 20 avril 2022

How to connect a support tunnel using the administration interface or SSH.


Some support procedures may require remote access to the Olfeo server.

This access can be carried out via Webadmin or via SSH, particularly when Webadmin is not responding.


Via Webadmin - a) Olfeo Direct Technical Support Tunnel

Three parameters must be specified in order to connect the tunnel, as follows:

  • Support IP address corresponding to the Olfeo Support server; this will be provided by the Support engineer.
  • The Outgoing port, which is 443.
  • The Remote port number, which may vary; this will be provided by the Support engineer.

Via Webadmin - b) Third-Party Tunnel Support

This section is used to establish a connection with the third-party support server (the address specified below is for example purposes only):

Via the server using SSH

Connect via SSH to the Olfeo server (using Putty for example), enter your server login/password, and then enter the following:

ssh -p 443 support@adresseipdusupport -R portdistant:localhost:22

Connection confirmation and a password will then be requested: this password will be provided by the support engineer.


In some cases, the support tunnel will not activate. This is often due to a firewall setting which can cause issues. Authorise HTTPS output [Port 443] to enable communication with support servers.


The following message should display on the SSH console:

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