Regulatory compliance

Legislation regarding the Internet is now a daily concern for CIOs. They need to comply not only with current legislation on Internet usage in the company, but also with laws concerning users. 

Content filtering is not a simple technological solution; it also covers HR issues such as labor laws and discrimination.

The filtering tool must comply with regulations regarding Internet access, it must be legal, and must include functions in order to facilitate deployment in a legal framework.



Olfeo works closely with law firms and provides a solution suitable to current legal constraints and offering exclusive features:

  • Continuous updates of Web site categories
  • Non-discriminatory filtering categories
  • Compliance with labor laws through individual distribution of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and through logs identifying users who have read the charter
  • Guaranteed confidential correspondence via secure data transfers, thanks to the distribution of individual authorization for de-encapsulation
  • Compliance with visitor information requirements concerning Internet access terms, filtering rules, and data conservation periods, through distribution of the access Policy
  • Log retention