Control of the Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 offers an extraordinary opportunity for companies to increase their visibility, accurately target customers, and benefit from interactive relations with consumers. But the use of the Web 2.0 by employees also exposes the enterprise to numerous risks regarding productivity, security, bandwidth, information leaks, viewing or publishing of illicit content, ...

Today the most widely-used method for controlling Web 2.0 sites involves keywords or meta tags on two categories only: Pornography and Proxy Redirector.

Firstly, this method cannot control all Web 2.0 content. Secondly, these technologies often ignore keywords used on sites in a foreign language.

The third point concerns the publication of illicit and pornographic content. The hosting service providers are required to control this publication failing which they are liable to prosecution.

Olfeo has studied the requirements of IT Departments for managing Web 2.0 platforms. We offer an innovative method based on rights management for users and user groups by platform and by video.


Olfeo has developed advanced features for managing Web 2.0 platforms. You can control access to the applications specific to each site, and also manage access to videos according to the URL or to the person who submitted them.

With videos for instance, the administrator may decide to grant access only to YouTube videos posted by the company's Communications Director, for example.


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