An innovative solution for ISPs


The parental control offered by ISPs is currently managed via software installed on the family computer.

Although this solution provides a first level of protection, it is not fully suitable to home Internet usage. Children go online (mainly over wireless networks) using several devices, many of which have no parental control software at all. These include:

  • Smartphones
  • Portable computers provided by the middle school or high school
  • Personal computers
  • TV sets
  • Game consoles (DS)
  • Computers of visiting friends

This plethora of devices reduces the effectiveness of parental control solutions, as the software must be installed and frequently updated on a wide number of systems. Thus children are very much exposed to content which may threaten their emotional and mental development.


In order to address these problems, Olfeo has developed a parental control solution running in the ISP's ADSL box.

The advantage of this solution: it filters ALL the devices connecting to the Web through the ADSL box. Both Web access and content are filtered exhaustively and the solution is updated automatically.

Rapid improvements in ADSL boxes, which are gradually becoming powerful computers in their own right, enable them to perform increasingly complex filtering thanks to Olfeo technology.

Olfeo parental control, which has been awarded two patents, meets parents' needs for effective control without bothering with configurations and updates.


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