An ideal solution for education


The latest generation of schoolchildren, born in the Internet age, is increasingly mastering new technologies.

CIOs responsible for elementary, middle, and high schools are facing new constraints concerning access control and Web content. They must:

  • Comply with legislation concerning content filtering for minors.
  • Manage access for various user groups (teachers, administrative staff, students, ...) and apply filtering adapted to their Web usage and age.
  • Conserve bandwidth so that all users can access the resources they need: business applications for administrative staff, document downloads for teachers as they do research, educational videos for students, etc.
  • Authenticate, log, and filter users in public areas (libraries, computer rooms, etc.) in accordance with regulations.


Olfeo's proxy and content filtering solution is the most widely used in education because it meets the specific needs of this sector:

  • Simple creation of filtering policies thanks to a wide choice of non-discriminatory categories
  • Over 98% recognition rate of sites visited by your users
  • Unrivalled filtering quality via manual classification of content by our multi-lingual teams
  • Customized access rights for Web 2.0 platforms and video sharing sites (limiting access to videos according to the transmitter, etc.).
  • Policy configuration covering a plethora of customizable tasks (time- and volume-based quotas, time ranges, overrides with or without passwords, etc.).
  • Management of multiple authentication methods differentiated for each zone: transparent (Active Directory, LAP, Lotus, etc.), SSO, captive portal, IP range, MAC address, etc.
  • Secure Web access for visitors and in public areas. The Olfeo mobility controller manages user authentication, tickets, connection times, filtering policies to apply, delegation of administrator rights, etc.

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