Why choose Olfeo ?

Why choose Olfeo ?

Olfeo offers a solution dedicated to the needs of local organizations and businesses. Our approach is fully adapted to the local culture and regulations, and we provide unrivalled security through our detailed understanding of local attacks.

Olfeo remains close to its customers. We work with the Alain Bensoussan law firm to offer a solution with exclusive features and benefits by business sector and by specific requirement.

By requirement

Content filtering is not a simple technological solution. Filtering tools must perform several tasks simultaneously: protect the company from a legal standpoint; effectively filter content without over- or under-filtering; comply with both labor laws and Human Resource directives; eliminate non-business content to optimize bandwidth; and secure Internet access.

Olfeo designs innovative ways to meet these needs. We have developed a solution dedicated to local markets in order to address all these requirements:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Exhaustive filtering
  • Increased user awareness
  • Web 2.0 control
  • Detection of local attacks

By business sector

Each business sector has specific needs, particularly concerning filtering. While the reasons for purchasing a content-filtering solution are usually the same, each sector must control its own specific risks.

In the health care industry, for instance, methods which classify content on the fly are ineffective and generate numerous false positives. These methods cannot differentiate a personal blog from a professional one on a medical topic.

Olfeo has developed a solution suited to the specific risks of each business sector, and provides tailored responses for each industry.

  • Government agencies
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Private Sector
  • ISPs



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