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Olfeo SaaS brochure
Olfeo SaaS

Download the Olfeo SaaS brochure to discover the first European web security gateway that offers the highest level of security for your web traffic, while being simple and easy to operate.

Olfeo On-Premise brochure
Olfeo On-Premise

Download the Olfeo On-Premise brochure to discover the highest level of security thanks to Trust-Centric web security, with the flexibility of custom installation and configuration at the heart of your IT infrastructure.

Olfeo Secure Web Gateway is a suite of cybersecurity features for analyzing, filtering and securing your web flows. Combining proxy filtering, flow antivirus and DNS filtering, Olfeo Secure Web Gateway offers the same level of security to your on-site employees as to those on the move or working from home.


Olfeo Awareness brochure
Olfeo Awareness

Download the Olfeo Awareness brochure to discover all the features and modules of Olfeo's complete e-learning and training solution for cybersecurity issues.