Olfeo, a solution that meets the exacting requirements of OIVs and OSEs

OIVs and OSEs are not spared by the increasing number of cyber-attacks aimed at damaging their information systems, stealing sensitive information, vandalizing or destabilizing states, and so on.
This is why the French government has drawn up recommendations and rules to manage and reduce the risks faced by "sensitive" organizations, in order to guarantee the smooth running of France.

OIVs and OSEs have strong cybersecurity obligations




Vital Interest Operators and Essential Service Operators operate services or infrastructures that are essential to the smooth running of the French state. Any successful cyber attack on these entities represents a major risk in terms of the supply of energy, water, healthcare, medicines and other essential products.

OIVs and OSEs must comply with NIS 1 and soon NIS 2 regulations, which impose obligations in terms of cybersecurity, risk and incident management. Generally speaking, all public and private organizations (including OIVs and OSEs) must comply with the ANSSI recommendations set out in document PA-022, wherever possible.

Aware of the many challenges facing OIVs and OSEs, Olfeo provides a tailor-made response to their needs.



On-site staff

Protection against attacks
The need for sovereignty
RGPD compliance
Data control
Protection against attacks
  • Securing sensitive employee data against theft or leakage (civil status, identity cards, council tax, etc.).
  • By complying with the RGPD
  • By applying the General Security Reference System (RGS), which helps build trust in exchanges between companies and citizens.
  • By protecting you from legal risks that could damage the image of the company and its representatives.
The need for sovereignty

Strategic infrastructure

  • By providing the highest level of protection against cyber attacks and malware
  • Ensure France's strategic and industrial independence by relying on trusted French technology partners

    Comply with changing French and European legislation (criminal law, labor law, employment law, etc.).

RGPD compliance
  • OIVs often have citizens' personal data and they must be particularly attentive to RGPD compliance

    Since the Shrems II ruling by the European Court of Justice, it is no longer possible for data to be hosted by companies incorporated under US law, as they are subject to the Cloud Act.

Data control

Sovereignty and legal compliance

  • 100% sovereign solution, hosted in France by a French cloud provider
  • Blocking illegal sites to ensure compliance with legislation
  • RGPD compatibility

Olfeo benefits

  • Enhanced user experience

    Provides users with a simple, seamless experience when connecting to the Internet from any device or location.

  • Highest level of protection

    Filtering of high-risk domains with blocking of malware and other web attack vectors.

  • Awareness-raising and training

    Your employees are made aware of cyber risks and trained in cybersecurity.

  • Legal protection

    Ensure your compliance with current legislation and the RGPD. 100% sovereign solution with guaranteed hosting in France.