Olfeo, the web security gateway for local authorities


Local authorities are prime targets for cyber attacks.

The consequences of a successful attack are particularly significant: downtime, theft of sensitive administrative data, etc. Hackers therefore believe that ransom demands will be paid more easily.

To reduce this vulnerability, it's important to invest in robust, appropriate solutions. That's why, with more than 200 references, Olfeo is the most widely deployed Web security solution for departments, regions, towns and cities. Olfeo provides you with a tailor-made response to the challenges you face on a daily basis.


Over 200 local authorities place their trust in us


Protection use cases for local authorities

Town halls and sites
Protection of minors
Agents on the move
Town halls and sites

Protection of all sites

CCAS, retirement home, integration center, telemedicine room, etc.

  • Protecting the Town Hall against ransomware with the highest level of security
  • By offering the same level of protection for all remote sites of the local authority: CCAS etc.
  • Controlling Wi-Fi access and equipment (printers, free-access computers, etc.)
  • By protecting yourself against legal risks that could damage the image of the town hall and its representatives in the event of illicit access.
Protection of minors


In schools, secondary schools, leisure centers, youth and cultural centers (MJC).

  • By offering protected Internet access that excludes inappropriate content
  • By complying with the requirements of the rectorat, in particular by integrating the lists of the Education Nationale
  • By mastering the tablets and PCs that can be distributed to students.

Protection of citizens and government representatives

In the Town Hall :

  • Securing sensitive citizen data against theft or leakage (civil status, identity cards, council tax, etc.).
  • By complying with the RGPD
  • By applying the general security reference framework (RGS), which helps to build trust in exchanges between the administration and citizens.
Agents on the move

Protection for agents on the move or teleworking

At home or teleworking

  • Offering the same level of security to agents working from home or on business trips

Peace of mind thanks to the highest possible level of protection and continued expertise

  • by freeing up the time of often overworked technical teams, thanks to the simplicity of the solution (especially with the SaaS version)
  • By providing legal protection for the organization, its agents and the IT department
  • Simple reporting for senior management
  • Controlling budgets and reducing infrastructure costs

Olfeo benefits

  • Enhanced user experience

    Provides users with a simple, seamless experience when connecting to the Internet from any device or location.

  • Highest level of protection

    Filtering of high-risk domains with blocking of malware and other web attack vectors.

  • Training & awareness

    Help your employees to become more cyber-savvy and avoid the pitfalls of web browsing

  • Legal protection

    Ensure your compliance with current legislation and the RGPD. 100% sovereign solution with guaranteed hosting in France.