Information system security issues

Today's businesses face a plethora of types of attacks, mostly via the Internet. Users remain the preferred target for pirates trying to crack corporate networks.

The Web 2.0, sites for online payment, news, file downloads... all represent opportunities for pirates to infiltrate the corporate network and propagate throughout the enterprise.

These attacks can damage the information system, steal sensitive data, or download address books in order to spread a spam campaign. Sometimes intrusions last only a few hours, thereby avoiding detection by traditional methods.

Another fast-growing trend: attacks targeting a specific country or even a specific company.

Protect your business

Most companies have set up a system to protect user workstations.

Given the creativity of Internet pirates, this protection alone cannot ensure exhaustive security for the network. You need to also set up several layers of strict protection at the gateway.

The first layer includes URL and protocol filtering tools: they provide an initial level of security by prohibiting certain sites and site categories with a dubious reputation.

The next security layer requires setting up an antivirus system able to detect any threat related to Web browsing or file downloads.

For additional protection, you need to implement an antivirus system other than the one on user workstations. This provides optimal protection by using two different virus databases.

Due to the growing number of localized attacks, all these protection layers must be able to detect threats through localized monitoring.


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