Issues concerning information leaks

Issues concerning information leaks

The large number of possibilities created by the Internet raises major challenges concerning information leaks.

Besides the risk of intrusion via malware (discussed in the section on security issues), users may either intentionally or unintentionally become the source of information leaks.

Widespread use of Web 2.0 platforms has boosted this trend: confidential information may be sent via e-mail, chats, social networks, etc. So-called “Friends” on Facebook may in fact be enemies ready to pounce on confidential company information which users inadvertently post on their “walls”.


Protect your business

More and more companies are setting up Internet Acceptable Use Policy describing best practices, prohibited practices, and disciplinary action.

The Internet Acceptable Use Policy provides an initial line of defense intended both to make users responsible for their use of these platforms and to limit the risk of information leaks as well as risks related to the company's e-reputation.

A growing number of businesses is drafting a specific “Web 2.0” Policy in order to address the conditions for using these media within the company, as well as the best practices for employee communications about the company, both inside and outside the office. 

A vital complementary barrier is provided by the technical solution to accurately define specific rights for users or user groups concerning these media.