Protect your business

Protect your business

Protecting your business from the risks related to Internet usage requires you to monitor changes in legislation and habits which lead to new types of behavior within the company.

You can better address challenges related to productivity, IS security, bandwidth usage, etc. by understanding how the Internet is changing and how it is used.

It is also essential to track the latest legal developments regarding the Internet in order to obey the law and legally deploy resources.

Key issues

The Internet is constantly changing. New opportunities emerge, along with new risks which businesses need to control.
It is vital to monitor not only changes in Internet usage but also changes in the challenges businesses face, such as how their employees are using the Internet.

In order to ensure optimal protection, companies and IS managers in particular need to perform five key tasks:

Protect the company or the organization from legal and civil risks related to the unlawful use of the Internet

Improve employee productivity with due regard to the HR policy

Fight effectively against threats from malware

Accelerate professional data streams

Prevent the loss of confidential data