Olfeo OEM SaaS DB

Improve the discovery of SaaS applications with completness and accuracy

For software publishers

The rise of SaaS applications bring new challenges for businesses

  • Shadow IT: cyber security and compliance

    Although SaaS applications can bring considerable benefits, they can also introduce security risks if their management and access are not properly controlled, or if IT teams are not involved.

  • Cost management

    Although SaaS applications can reduce some up-front costs, at the end of the day, recurring subscriptions can add up. Companies need to carefully monitor their use of SaaS applications to avoid unnecessary expenditure and optimize their return on investment.

  • Performance and availability

    Access to SaaS applications depend on the Internet connection, which raises concerns about performance and availability. Service interruptions at SaaS providers can have a direct impact on business operations. Similarly, depending on the criticity of the applications, it may be useful to prioritize or de-prioritize Internet traffic to these sites.

  • Visibility and tool monitoring

    The use of multiple SaaS applications can lead to fragmentation of work processes, with employees at different locations using different tools for similar tasks, reducing efficiency and complicating collaboration. Similarly, a lack of visibility over which tools are being used can lead to overlapping usage and higher costs.


Olfeo's SaaS application database enables software publishers to enhance the functionality of their solutions

Olfeo offers its SaaS application database on a white label basis to software publishers wishing to provide visibility, intelligence and security services to their customers.
Thanks to its exhaustiveness - over 6,000 applications covering 90%+ of usage - and the associated metadata, software publishers can provide their customers with greater visibility on the SaaS applications used in their companies (ShadowIT), as well as rationalizing usage while reducing access costs.

The best-in-class for SaaS applications
  • 6000 +

    SaaS applications referenced with their meta data, covering the majority of applications

  • 64000+

    Domains corresponding to applications with coverage close to 99%.

  • 198 million

    IP addresses corresponding to the various domains and sub-domains of SaaS applications

Our strengths

The most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date SaaS application database for understanding usage and maintaining network performance

Comprehensive database (6000+ applications)
Data reliability and quality
Easy integration
Comprehensive database (6000+ applications)

With over 6,000 B2B SaaS applications in our database, Olfeo OEM SaaS DB covers the overwhelming majority of SaaS services in use. The database also includes a series of metadata to enrich the context, such as IPv4 or IPv6 addresses associated with SaaS services, to help identify them more easily. The database includes several million IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

This unique approach enables you to effectively enrich the services provided by your software solutions, by integrating intelligence and context to enhance the value of your solutions.

Data reliability and quality

The SaaS application data in our database is regularly updated to reflect the regularly changing distribution of servers.
Every day, we update the database, either through our integration with publishers' APIs, or by manual domain analysis to ensure that our data is always up to date and the services you offer your customers are optimal.

The categorization of SaaS applications is carried out manually by our application analysis and classification teams, ensuring unrivalled classification finesse.

Easy integration

Olfeo database integration requires no third-party software installation. You maintain control over data exchanged with your customers. You are completely autonomous in the use of our Olfeo databases, and their integration is extremely simple.

The database weighs less than 30 MB and integrates easily on any physical or virtual appliance. In the form of a JSON file, the database is securely updated on a weekly basis to ensure that data remains up to date.

Utility boxes

Olfeo OEM SaaS DB helps software publishers enhance the functionality of their products

SaaS Database product sheet
The quality of our database is recognized by software publishers
They trust us
  • Ekinops leverages Olfeo technologies to differentiate its networking and SD-Wan solutions with advanced web security functions. Our solutions combined together uniquely identify and control applications over Internet.

  • Teldat selected the Saas applications database OEM Saas Databse from Olfeo because it met our requirements for completeness and permanent updating.

  • We work closely with Olfeo to incorporate their SaaS application database in our Ipanema SD-WAN product. By using the Olfeo database we enable Ipanema SD-WAN to deliver best in class application intelligence in the SD-WAN