Secure recognition of SaaS applications with Olfeo Saas DB

Get a complete overview of the SaaS applications used by your company

A module of Olfeo OEM, Olfeo Saas DB searches for associations between IPs and applications, as many use cases (routers) require application identification without access to the FQDN, but solely on the basis of the IP.

Olfeo Saas DB conducts in-depth studies to understand the behavior of SaaS applications, IP allocations and their dynamic evolution. These analyses call for constant monitoring, requiring a high level of expertise.

We keep records of millions of registrations to be able to establish correlations and provide the most reliable results possible. From these studies, we observe whether IPs are used by several different applications or whether they are mono-applications, and establish a confidence index on the association.

Why choose Olfeo Saas DB?

Olfeo Saas DB is the most reliable Saas application database on the market

  • 5000

    Saas applications in 17 categories

  • 62 000

    Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)

  • 44 000

    IP addresses or ranges

Use cases
Optimize your operations with SaaS application recognition