Olfeo On-Premise Public Portal

Control and secure your public accesses


Offer visitors secure Internet access

Providing Wi-Fi or wired Internet access to visitors, service providers, students, patients and, more generally, any outsider, is an increasingly common practice.

Opening up part of your IS to external users can present risks. Security risks, of course, but also legal ones, as regulations require you to authenticate, log and filter the Internet access of these occasional users, on pain of incurring liability.

The Public Portal product has been designed to provide a precise and effective solution to this dilemma.

The public or captive portal was designed
to provide a precise and effective solution to this dilemma.

  • It lets you create forms to authenticate users, who can self-register and then log their access.
  • IDs and passwords can be sent by e-mail and SMS to secure authentication.
  • Access tickets can be created for configurable durations and with access policies to Internet content that you determine.
  • To empower users and protect you legally, the captive portal allows you to present and sign the user charter before access.
    All connections are tracked and included in the analysis and reporting tools.

Open up part of your network safely and in compliance with legislation


These people put their trust in us

  • "We absolutely wanted a solution that was remote from the firewall. We chose Olfeo because we wanted a dedicated proxy solution whose core business was filtering. In UTMs, filtering is an option. [...] " 

  • "Olfeo was able to provide a response that went beyond the needs initially expressed".

  • "Olfeo is a legitimate European filtering solution, not just a French one. Olfeo has all the legitimacy as a filtering solution at the European level and not just in France. [ ...]Olfeo is very practical when we're wondering what's going on on the Internet, as the reporting section enables us to precisely analyze all traffic, particularly in terms of abnormal usage."