What are the cybersecurity challenges facing OIVs and OSEs?

Operators of vital importance (OIV) and essential services(OSE) must invest in security systems to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Indeed, malicious acts do not spare OIVs and OSEs, and it is in this context of vulnerability that the French government imposes a strict framework on them.

In this guide, we will explain the cybersecurity challenges facing OIVs and OSEs and the strategy to be implemented to avoid threats to their network:

  1. Why are OIVs and OSEs the target of online attacks?
  2. What recommendations should you follow to limit threats and attacks?
  3. How can Olfeo protect OIVs and OSEs?
  4. Why is employee training essential to ensure the safety of OIVs and OSEs?

Why are OIVs and OSEs the targets of online attacks?

Operators of vital importance and essential services are essential to the smooth running of France. And that's why they are so vulnerable:

  • The theft of sensitive information can destabilize the French state;
  • Acts of vandalism can have a negative impact on the daily lives of the French population.

In recent years, there has been an increase in malicious acts against the IT systems of VPOs and OSEs. The global political context is forcing vital and essential service operators to raise the bar on the security of their information systems, in order to avoid data theft or any other attempt to undermine the French state.

What recommendations do OIVs and OSEs need to follow to deal with threats and reduce the risk of attack?

The French government has laid down rules to be followed by OIVs and OSEs in order to limit cyber-attacks. These operators must comply with very strict requirements defined in the NIS 2 regulation. Adopted in December 2022, the NIS 2 directive is much more demanding than the NIS 1 regulation, which was previously the reference text for OIVs and OSEs in terms of cybersecurity.

With the NIS 2 directive, minimum cybersecurity risk management measures including security policies, incident management procedures and regular audits have been defined for greater clarity and effectiveness.

Finally, all public and private organizations, including vital and essential services, are required to comply with ANSSI recommendations. Document PA-022, published by ANSSI, sets out the rules to be followed by OIVs and OSEs.

If you represent a high-risk department and are looking to secure your information system, we invite you to contact ANSSI and read the NIS 2 directive to find out what your organization's obligations are.

How can the cybersecurity solutions developed by Olfeo ensure the protection of OIVs and OSEs?

The solutions developed by Olfeo meet the exacting requirements of OIVs and OSEs. Here are the strengths of our offerings:

  • We secure the IT systems and networks of vital operators and essential services against online malicious acts and the theft or leakage of sensitive data.
  • We apply the General Security Repository(RGS) to build trust between company and citizen exchanges. We also comply with RGPD regulations, which are a sensitive issue for OIVs and OSEs.
  • Our 100% sovereign solution is hosted in France by a French cloud provider. What's more, all our cybersecurity solutions comply with French and European legislation.

Employee training at the heart of OIV and OSE cybersecurity strategy

To avoid incidents and minimize risks, technological cybersecurity solutions are not enough. It has become essential to empower employees by training them in good IT security practices.

Attack attempts are becoming more and more sophisticated, and new practices linked to employee mobility are the source of new security breaches. Against this backdrop, OIVs and OSEs are strongly advised to train their staff.

That's why, in addition to developing and implementing cybersecurity solutions, Olfeo offers an e-learning solution: by raising awareness among their teams, operators of vital importance and essential services can reduce cyberattacks by up to 60%. Don't wait for an incident to take steps to protect your IT network!

As the operator of an essential national service, are you looking for trusted service providers? By choosing Olfeo for your network security, you can be sure of complying with the law and protecting the sensitive data of your employees and network users.