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Behind the scenes of Olfeo's rebranding.

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September 21, 2023

In this exclusive interview, we take you behind the scenes of Olfeo's rebranding process. We highlight the work of the product team, with a special focus on Thomas and Johana, the talented designers who contributed to this transformation.

What factors or context led Olfeo to undertake this rebranding, and when did you realize it was necessary?

Olfeo undertook this rebranding project for several key reasons.

Firstly, with 20 years' experience and a solid reputation thanks to our on-premise solution, we were preparing to launch our new SaaS offering under the TrustLane name. However, this decision caused some confusion among our customers, leading us to review our brand positioning.

At the same time, we were keen to unveil this new brand identity at the prestigious Forum International de la Cybersécurité (FIC), a major event where we wanted to make our presence felt. So we had a deadline to finalize the work and make the brand image operational before this key event in our sector.

All this helped motivate our team to embark on this redesign process to make Olfeo a resolutely modern brand in tune with market expectations.


How has SaaS been an opportunity for this brand image evolution?

The move to SaaS was a major opportunity for the evolution of our brand image. By launching this new offering, we wanted to mark a turning point in our business strategy and highlight our ability to deliver modern, agile cloud solutions. The SaaS model has enabled us to adopt a more flexible, customer-oriented approach, offering an enhanced user experience and easier access to our platform.

The move to SaaS brings a dimension of simplicity to our offering, which was one of the values we wanted to convey through our new brand image. The transition to a SaaS model has enabled us to focus on the essentials and deliver a fluid, intuitive user experience.

The launch date of our new offering played a key role in defining our approach. We wanted to be ready to present our new brand image at the same time as the SaaS launch, to reinforce the impact of this evolution and position ourselves clearly in the market.

However, the move to SaaS also entailed some major constraints. We had already defined the product's graphic charter, and developments had been underway for over 2 years. It was therefore essential to strike a balance between introducing the new brand image without disrupting the existing product as a whole. We had a deadline for this evolution, and it was essential to respect this constraint without compromising the quality and coherence of our offering.

Could you briefly describe Olfeo's new brand image?

Olfeo's new brand image represents a modernization of our previous identity, while capitalizing on our 20-year history and reputation. We wanted to clearly distinguish the company from our products, adopting a flexible, scalable approach that will enable us to add new product lines in the future.

Olfeo logo evolution in 20 years from left to right
Evolution of the Olfeo logo over 20 years, from left to right.

Our core values are expertise and simplicity. We want to highlight our expertise in cybersecurity, acquired over many years, while offering simple, intuitive solutions to our customers. It's this combination of expertise and simplicity that makes us strong, and guides our new brand image.

Our new visual identity emphasizes modernity, confidence and clarity, while preserving our heritage and reputation. We are proud of this new brand image, which represents our commitment to innovation, reliability and ease of use for our customers.


Why have you chosen to keep some of Olfeo's strong identity markers despite the rebranding?

We decided to keep some of Olfeo's strong identity markers for several reasons. In addition, the stylized "O" in our logo is an emblematic symbol of our brand, known and recognized by our customers for 20 years.

O favicon Olfeo

How do you create a brand image?

To define this new brand image, we followed a methodical, multi-stage process.

First, we carried out in-depth research into the market, competitors and customer preferences to understand the context in which we operate and the expectations of our target audience.

Next, we clearly defined our objectives and constraints for this new brand image, setting ourselves goals such as improving brand awareness, effective product line and brand identification, and differentiation from our competitors.

We then worked on our brand positioning, identifying the characteristics and values that set us apart and make us unique in the marketplace.

With these elements in hand, we began to create the overall concept of our new brand image, using visual elements such as our logo, colors and typography, as well as elements of language and communication tone.

This concept was then developed and iterated to gather feedback and refine it according to preferences and needs.

Once the concept was finalized, we applied it to all our brand's touch points, from our communication materials to our products and website.

HMI Olfeo Saas

Finally, we officially launched our new brand image, while remaining attentive to its ongoing monitoring and analysis to assess its impact and ensure that it meets our objectives.

This process of creating our new brand image was crucial to developing a coherent, differentiated and attractive identity for our customers. We also took into account the constraints of the market, our brand history, and our need for flexibility to adapt to future developments.


What were the main challenges and constraints during the process of creating this new brand image?

The process of creating this new brand image was both rewarding and delicate. Among the main challenges and constraints we had to face was the tight deadline for the launch of our new SaaS offering at the FIC (international cybersecurity forum). We had to be ready to present our new image on this occasion, which required rigorous time management.

Secondly, we had already defined a graphic charter for our product, and developments had been underway for over 2 years. It was therefore essential to strike a balance between modernizing our image while maintaining consistency with our existing product.

Last but not least, we wanted to keep some of Olfeo's strong identity markers, such as the stylized "O" in our logo, while renewing our image to better reflect our values and our move towards SaaS.

These challenges were met thanks to close collaboration between the product and marketing teams, and the support of an external design agency. The end result is a new brand image that better represents us and is in line with our positioning and future ambitions.


How has the Olfeo ecosystem been impacted by this development?

The evolution of our brand image has had a very significant impact on all our documents and products. We had to review and update all our communication media, such as our website, brochures, presentations and marketing materials, to reflect our new visual identity.

This evolution has also been taken into account in the design of our products. We have integrated our new visual identity into the user interface of our solutions to offer a consistent and harmonious experience to our users.


How do you think this rebranding will affect the perception of the Olfeo brand, and what benefits do you expect it to bring?

We hope that this new brand image will bring a breath of fresh air. We want to show our customers that we're not stuck in the past, but that we're continuing to move forward. By updating our visual identity in a coherent way, we will strengthen the confidence of our current customers while attracting new prospects.