Management team

Management team

Alexandre Souillé

Founding President
Joined Olfeo: 2003

Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, Alexander spent the last 20 years founding and managing companies dedicated to software development. 

In 2003 he founded the company Olfeo on the conviction that Internet security solutions must adapt to the laws, culture and usage of the country in which they are deployed.




Romuald David

Technical Director
Joined Olfeo: 2008

Romuald is responsible for all Olfeo technical operations:  R & D, Quality and Support.  

In this capacity he develops Olfeo customer solutions and assures ongoing performance improvements with strict quality monitoring.  Close proximity of the engineering teams allows for enriched, collective thinking driven by customer feedback.





Lionel Pascaud

Sales Manager, Integrated Solutions
Joined Olfeo: 2006

Before joining Olfeo, Lionel successfully created for various software developers unique sales and marketing solutions dedicated to ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

Driven by his passion for web and NTIC, he is now Sales Manager for Olfeo Integrated Solutions.




Françoise Pelaud

Administrative & Financial Director
Joined Olfeo: 2009

Françoise has worked for over 20 years in the capacity of administrative and financial director for a variety of companies in the Information Technology and Communication sector (IT distributor, software developers, ISP).  

She is responsible for Olfeo’s administrative and financial management as well as HR and legal affairs.





Emilie Neige

Marketing & Communication Director
Joined Olfeo: 2006

Emilie spent most of her professional career working with new technology.  At the heart of the creative process and developing brand awareness, she brings her creativity and attention to detail to implementing Olfeo’s marketing strategy.

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