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Olfeo launches its new comprehensive e-learning and training solution for cybersecurity issues, "Olfeo Awareness".

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November 16, 2023

Cybersecurity, more than ever, at the heart of corporate issues 

In our hyper-connected world, cybercriminals are on the lookout for the slightest loophole, and bad habits or risky practices expose organizations to significant risks of data leakage. Phishing, ransomware, malware, identity theft, president scams... These cyberattacks frequently succeed because a user was insufficiently suspicious and allowed himself to be manipulated by clicking on a link leading to malicious content. In France, almost half of all companies were victims of a cyber attack in 2022(1). Today, these compromises affect all types of company, in both the public and private sectors, whatever their size or activity.

What's more, new uses (mobility, wifi, SaaS applications, social networks, etc.) make certain attacks more difficult to counter, as they can also take place outside the company and on uncontrolled equipment.

The human factor is a major challenge for corporate cybersecurity

- 90% of security incidents are due to human error (2)

- 50% of companies feel vulnerable due to lack of employee training (3)

- 1,000 lists of identification information have been put on sale in 2021, aimed at exploiting human access (4)


Today, almost 90%(5 ) of successful cyber attacks use social engineering. Hackers are able to manipulate employees into committing reckless acts: accessing contaminated URLs, downloading files, transmitting passwords or other harmful actions (e.g. bank transfers). In addition, a large number of attacks take place outside the company. Technology alone is not enough, which is why it is essential to reinforce cyber hygiene and involve employees in the organization's security policy, so that they adopt best practices.

Olfeo Awareness puts employees at the heart of cyber strategy

Quick and easy for administrators to implement, Olfeo's e-learning platform offers a catalog of rich, interactive and entertaining content covering all the cyber risks affecting employees (not just phishing), to help them establish new, sustainable behaviors.

Dynamic and targeted, these awareness-raising modules encourage every employee to get involved. Each module delivers up-to-date cybersecurity knowledge tailored to the company's needs. They also cover related topics such as RGPD and personal data privacy, anti-corruption, and anti-harassment.

Olfeo Awareness content comes in a variety of lengths and levels, enabling us to address different populations with engaging content adapted to their operational context (e.g. nurses and hospital administrative departments will have different constraints) and thus build an awareness strategy adapted to the issues at stake, consistent with the context and therefore effective in protecting the company!

  • The catalog is divided into Themes and Sections to make it easier to find relevant content;
  • + More than 150 contents on all cybersecurity topics that exploit the human being as a security vulnerability (malware, passwords, information protection, social engineering, phishing, teleworking, USB keys, vulnerability, etc.).
  • Additional content to address related themes: RGPD, anti-corruption, anti-harassment ;
  • Generalist courses (Essentials, Cyber Heroes, Newcomers...), expert courses for IT professionals and à la carte courses;
  • A variety of formats accessible on all media (interactive videos, skits that allow users to consult content at their own pace and without spending too much time on it, interactive books, Chatbot to energize the learning experience and avoid fatigue, regular fun quizzes to validate knowledge and keep employees involved, short, digestible formats that allow progressive assimilation and are adapted to all profiles, and suitable for mobile display);
  • And over 70 individual modules to build a program adapted to your context.

"Given the number and diversity of cyber-attacks, making employees proactive players in cyber defense strategy has become a strategic challenge. Olfeo Awareness is able to provide employees with a 360-degree view of cybersecurity issues, while making the learning experience fun and interactive. Similarly, the ability to adapt the learning content to the challenges faced by employees, such as sales representatives on the move exposed to the risk of espionage, or the accounting department exposed to president scams, makes it a product perfectly suited to complex organizations." concludes Alexandre Souillé, CEO and co-founder of Olfeo.

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