About us


Olfeo is a content filtering software vendor. Our proxy and filtering solution helps our customers to manage, monitor and secure their Internet traffic.

Thanks to an approach based on local culture, the Olfeo solution provides optimal legal protection, unrivalled filtering quality, a high level of information system security, and it associates users with the security policy.



A solution tailored to each market

An international solution:

Olfeo is an ideal solution for projects spanning multiple countries around the globe. All configuration, analysis, and operations tasks can be performed through a unified central interface managing activities worldwide.
Several administrators can access this information simultaneously, with varied access rights for user groups and all features available.

Local solutions:

Olfeo solutions are tailored to meet the needs of companies and local governement agencies.
Our solutions are fully adapted to local culture and regulations, and provide unrivalled security through our detailed understanding of local attacks.

Our local solutions feature:

  • A specific database with a tailored set of categories incorporating legal and cultural requirements.
  • An analysis of local sites carried out by local teams to ensure optimal relevance
  • Features adapted to local regulations: labor laws, traceability...

Demande de téléchargement du livre blanc juridique Olfeo Vol. 2

Demande de téléchargement du livre blanc juridique Olfeo Vol. 1