Secure your Internet access against cyber attacks

With Internet ZERO TRUST, Olfeo offers the highest level of security against web threats
Olfeo is the French leader in web security gateways, with more than 1,000 customers and partners.

The ZERO TRUST Olfeo web security gateway authorizes user access only to trusted sites verified by Olfeo.

  • 22 million

    domains covering hundreds of millions of URLs

  • >99,5%

    recognition rate
    of web requests

  • 1 billion

    web requests per day are secured by Olfeo

Simple, effective web security
Saas or On-premise

Whether SaaS or On-premise, Olfeo aims for simple, flexible and expert cybersecurity. We know that CISOs and CIOs are faced with a shortage of manpower and increasingly complex cyber solutions, resulting in a higher success rate for attacks.

Olfeo designs solutions that are easy to deploy and administer, while ensuring the highest level of cyber protection thanks to its unique Trust-Centric technology.


A suite of products for the highest level of web security

Olfeo SAAS
Olfeo On-Premise
Olfeo Awareness
Olfeo OEM
Olfeo SAAS

Web security gateway made easy

  • Web Security Gateway (SWG) in the cloud
  • Suite of cybersecurity products to protect your Internet traffic, including proxy, filtering, web antivirus, SSL/TLS decryption...
  • Exclusive ZERO TRUST approach offers the highest level of security to protect web traffic
  • Access policies for subsidiaries, foreign sites and mobile users
  • 100% sovereign Saas solution not subject to extraterritoriality laws (Cloud Act etc.)
Olfeo On-Premise

The cybersecurity solution that adapts to your IT infrastructure

  • Web Security Gateway (SWG) deployed in your IT infrastructure
  • Suite of cybersecurity products to protect your data flows, including proxy, filtering, web antivirus, DNS filtering, SSL/TLS decryption...
  • Exclusive ZERO TRUST approach offers the highest level of security to protect your web traffic
  • Fine parameterization and high granularity of outgoing flow filtering
  • Total data control
Olfeo Awareness

Your employees become pillars of your security strategy

  • SaaS e-learning solution on cybersecurity risks and best practices for your employees
  • Help for employees to navigate in complete safety & to thwart the various attempts at cyber attacks
  • Over 150 ready-to-use learning resources covering all cyber risks (phishing, password protection, smishing, mobility, etc.)
  • Upgradeable, practical & interactive tool to facilitate training paths.
Olfeo OEM

Olfeo expertise integrated into your product or service

  • For cyber and network software publishers
  • White-label list of Olfeo URLs to enrich your product
  • Database of over 20 million domains classified into 9 themes and 100 categories
  • 99%+ query recognition rate
  • Fine categorization of new content and data reliability thanks to an approach combining AI and semi-manual validation

Olfeo, secure, simple and expert solutions

  • Highest level of protection

    Filtering of high-risk domains with blocking of malware and other web attack vectors.

  • Simplicity

    Deployment of the solution in less than an hour thanks to the Cloud Native approach. 0-maintenance and 0-operations.

  • Training and awareness-raising

    Help your employees to become more cyber-savvy and avoid the pitfalls of web browsing

  • Legal protection

    Ensures your compliance with current legislation and the RGPD. 100% sovereign solution with guaranteed hosting in France.

These companies put their trust in us
  • " Olfeo is a legitimate filtering solution for Europe, not just France. The tool's efficiency in a context where two official languages coexist is a real added value.

    Olfeo comes in very handy when we're wondering what's going on on the Internet, as the reporting section enables us to analyze all traffic precisely, particularly in terms of abnormal usage.

    Olfeo is a user-friendly, flexible solution for managing Internet access directly, without the need for IT specialists."


  • "We decided with the systems team to issue a call for tenders for web filtering.

    We shortlisted Olfeo because it's a French product, with a French culture.

    This is very important in our business because in the wine world, there are so many wine-related sites and domain names."

  • "We absolutely wanted a solution that was remote from the firewall. We chose Olfeo because we wanted a dedicated proxy solution whose core business was filtering. In UTMs, filtering is an option. This overloads the firewall, especially on a computer network with a hundred or so sites.

  • Evistel, a leading provider of solutions for Operators, has integrated Olfeo's URL database to offer a parental control service to Telecom Operators. The choice of the Olfeo database was an obvious one for us, in view of its reliability and the number of sensitive sites it contains, and represents an essential asset in protecting young audiences from unsolicited content.

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